Background and Purpose: The Next Chapter

When I first started blogging last summer, I was in a much different place physically and mentally. But now, after journeying for several months through discussions of mental health, physical independence, preparing for future milestones, and the uncertainties in all of those, I’ve achieved a greater level of understanding of myself and my needs. Driven […]

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PDA: Public Display of Art

Today was a special day. I’ve been working for several months on a project for American Gothic Literature called “remediation”: taking one of the stories we read and adapting it into a new art form. I chose a challenging topic. I decided to reinvent Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Pit and the Pendulum” into a dress […]

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A Review of St. Pat’s

Well, this last weekend was my first ever St. Pat’s in Rolla. For those who don’t know, St. Pat’s is a HUGE tradition in town because St. Patrick is the patron saint of engineers. Rolla has a long (and iffy) history of Pat’s celebrations and it’s the homecoming that alumni actually come back for. For […]

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The Newest Acquisition

Well, Jacob’s visit this last weekend was cut short due to the non-event snowstorm. I’m pretty sure MODOT played up the drama about it just so they wouldn’t have to clean up more car accidents. At this point, I can understand that, but I was sad to spend my Sunday doing homework. That being said, […]

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Adventure to Hermann

Here’s another adventure story for you! Last weekend, Jacob and I went wine tasting and antiquing in Hermann, MO. Most people I’ve talked to know where Hermann is (it’s famous for it’s riverfront views, wines, and essence of small-town-America feel), but if you don’t know, it’s right along the Missouri River 40 miles east of […]

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Jacob and I decided to take advantage of the fantastic weather a few weekends ago and check out one of his local hiking spots, Lane Springs. I’m not as much of a hiker as I’d like to be, but I need to hike some more to condition for field camp. That means exercising my body […]

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